Desperate times call for desperate measures

Barnett Survivors has recently bought itself a couple of ego boosts, in the form of a couple of thousand followers – one thousand each for his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Sad really, as he’s shot himself in the foot in both instances. Twitter takes a dim view of users who buy likes – it’s clear…

Coming Soon….

  DoodleFox Design website coming soon! My own website for showcasing my work, and will hopefully allow me to develop and grow a business. Very exciting times and I can’t wait to share more with you all!

Fade away

Trigger warning – contains discussion about suicide and depression I’ve been sat in front of this screen for a while now. I feel like I need to get something off my chest, but I don’t know quite what it is. I swing from feeling great, to feeling lost, isolated, depressed and suicidal. I’m sure there’s…

Perambulation and pictures

When in the right frame of mind, it’s easy to find inspiration in the dullest of places. I took my pooch for a quick stroll round the block, along the service road, and ended up with a few snaps I was quite pleased with. 

A light in the darkness

Something I’ve rediscovered over the last 18 months is my love of art. It’s provided a release for me in many ways. It’s meditative. And it allowed me to cling onto my sanity during the difficult times I had last year. I drew this piece during December of last year. I spent a few days…