Desperate times call for desperate measures

Barnett Survivors has recently bought itself a couple of ego boosts, in the form of a couple of thousand followers – one thousand each for his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Sad really, as he’s shot himself in the foot in both instances. Twitter takes a dim view of users who buy likes – it’s clear that they’re a bunch of fake accounts, they’ve all tweeted pretty much the same thing in the last month or so – whilst there are some companies who sell follows by real people, the likelihood that they’ll engage with a page that they’ve not consciously decided to follow is low, and it’s all about engagement with social media so it won’t increase his sphere of influence in any way.

There are a few handy apps for checking fake Twitter followers – this was the result:


Purchasing followers/likes for Facebook is actually like a digging a grave for the page he’s running. Yeah, it looks vaguely impressive, but there won’t be any reach, and engagement on the page will start to dwindle, which means he’ll struggle to target any paid ad campaigns because it will just get sent to all of his fake users instead of being sent to his actual ‘fan’ base.

At the top of the post it states 1500 likes, but at the bottom it says 500 – hmmm, I wonder why that could be?

Facebook uses post engagement to decide how interesting a page is to others and decides how many people it should display your page to. By purchasing likes, it utterly kills organic post reach and pretty much kills the page. Lots of latent users who don’t engage will just mean the page doesn’t turn up in anyone’s news feed, thus driving engagement down even further.

It also seriously affects credibility. Then again, he didn’t have much to start with, which is why he had to buy his credibility. It’s like saying to a bunch of people ‘I’m really not very likeable, will you be my friend if I pay you? Please pay attention to me! Here, have some chocolate…..’.

How can he go from 500 likes at 9 in the morning, to 1500 within the day?! Curiouser and curiouser….

Aside from how pathetic this all is, it’s also unethical that a ‘company’ such as Barnett Survivors, which ought to be built on trust, reputation and respect, would seek to be so dishonest about its reach and influence. You can’t buy genuine interest, you have to earn it. You can’t buy credibility, you have to gain it via post engagement by publishing thought provoking posts and articles, instead of bleating on about the same fucking thing over and over like a parrot on opioids.

It costs about 15 quid to buy the unwavering loyalty of a thousand fake accounts for either Twitter or Facebook. All for the sake of a little ego boost.  It’s just another bullshit way to seek validation by purchasing it, in the same way that he seeks validation by manipulating people around him so that he has power and control over them.

Someone on Twitter recently called him out this morning for his sudden jump in Twitter likes – his excuse was this:

So, he’s claiming that he’s managed to port all of his Facebook followers to Twitter overnight? Actually no, there’s no app, no program, that will do that. I’m sure he’ll come up with a perfectly plausible explanation. I’m sure his upcoming ‘international fundraiser’ is going to do magnificently – I for one can’t wait to see all of his fake likes putting their hands in their pockets to fill his fundraising coffers. I’m sure the campaign will be wildly successful, with all of the page engagement he’s going to get now he’s driven his page rankings into the ground….


Oh, I fixed his banner picture on Twitter. I hope he appreciates it.


In other news, it’s perfectly acceptable for James to call people a twat using his ‘official’ business account – I’m sure it is behaviour which will have all the victims flocking to him for advice – everyone loves to line up for an insult! I’ll just leave this little gallery here, without further comment…….

Lastly, I found this tweet quite interesting: 

Notice that he had to add a caveat about being disabled – which, to be frank, is an argument which has no weight to it at all –  but he added it because he needed to justify the reason as to why he moved less than a mile away from me, his alleged most recent abuser. Shocking that he stayed so close to someone who was meant to have treated him so badly, one would have thought he’d be keen to get as far away from me as possible? I, for one, would feel much happier if he moved somewhere further away. Like Uranus. I think he’d feel right at home there.

Oh dammit, I forgot (cue Columbo impression) – wonder how that interview worked out? I looked but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Shame.



Author: Tracy

Streaky bacon for the soul. Comforting, sometimes salty. Arty. Obtuse. Taker of photographs. Contradictory.

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