Stalkers, trolls, and hedgehogs

I don’t really know why I’m bothering with this one, apart from the fact that I found it mildly amusing. This is the first time James has ever spoken the truth! Oh, wait – no, he’s trying to be sarcastic and condescending.

It’s true, I’m starting to truly believe that the injury which allegedly befell him – the tragic IMG_6262‘plate on the leg’ incident – never happened. Wounds don’t often go necrotic as he’s claimed, as necrosis is actually quite rare. Secondly, if the wound had been necrotic, the necrotic tissue would have required debridement, (which he does claim to have undergone). Debridement is a process whereby the dead tissue is excised. So he’d have a much bigger scar on his leg, rather than the barely visible mark which requires a magnifying glass to see. (He also likes to tell people that one of his abusers bit his penis too, and that there’s a scar – honestly, it’s probably a growth of some description – he should probably get that looked at). I digress – back to the leg – I can well believe that he caused this injury to himself. Perhaps a hammer to the leg, Gone Girl style (he was always somewhat obsessed with the scene where the ‘Gone Girl’ hits herself in the face with a hammer). Or maybe the injury was simply caused by other, non abusive means. Or perhaps he did an Eddie the Eagle, and threw himself down a slope. As he always builds a lie on a tiny element of truth, there was a plate involved in this fictitious event, it was balanced on his knee whilst he was eating. As for his claim that the plate powdered on contact with his leg, leaving no trace – impossible. Quite literally impossible. The Herculean force which would be required to cause that to happen would have shattered his shin bone, and that kind of force could not be delivered by a person. Why? Because physics, that’s why – Newtons third law of motion states that ‘when one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body’. Even if the plate was travelling at terminal velocity, it wouldn’t have turned into dust, and if it had, it would also have turned his bone into tiny fragments and would have chopped his leg off. It’s so convenient that the plate left no shards in his leg, don’t you think?

This is his own description of the event in question, which he sent to a researcher:

leg incidentIt’s likely  he was wearing jeans or some sort of clothing on his legs, which would have offered some protection from the force of the blow. At worst, he might have had a big bruise on his leg, but it’s highly unlikely that it would have pierced the skin. The angle of the blow would have to have come from the side, not above, unless he conveniently held his leg out straight to provide his ‘abuser’ with the best target. This side angle would have meant that the plate would have impacted with relatively little force,

and a thrown object begins losing kinetic energy as soon as it leaves the hand it’s thrown from. You really don’t have to think too critically about this to realise that it’s a big, fat, lie.

We all know the Earth isn’t flat. If it was, the cats would have pushed everything off the edge and into the abyss by now.

As for having too much time on my hands – it doesn’t take long to type these little missives, and I see this as being more of a public service anyway – raising awareness of the kind of narcissistic abuse that James perpetrates is important. It’s not widely recognised – particularly in this country. But awareness is increasing, and soon, abusers like James will have nowhere to hide.


Some of this next bit makes makes no sense – is it dozens, or hundreds? Perhaps James should make his mind up? As for fake reviews – I don’t know any of the people who have left any of the reviews on his page, be they bad or good. But it was inevitable that with him putting himself about the way he does, that people are going to notice. If it looks like shit, and smells like shit, it probably is shit. It doesn’t take much to see that he’s presenting distorted opinion as fact, and anyone capable of a modicum of critical thinking can see that for themselves. I don’t need to interfere, he’s showing himself up on a near daily basis, though I did speak to someone after she had left comments on his page – he blocked her, instead of doing as she asked, which was to provide evidence of his credentials (because he has none – I’ll pick this up in a later post). I wonder if he’s ever stopped to think about why no-one really interacts with his posts either on his personal page or his business page? He’d just say that his opinions are too strong for some, and it’s not his fault that they can’t handle the truth. It certainly would be interesting if James were to actually put his money where his mouth is and go to court for a non molestation order. He also makes a comment here about not giving ‘them a second thought’. Yet, he’s found the time to hammer out this post, so he obviously is thinking about it! We’ll come back to this point shortly….

Once James moved in, he rarely cooked. But he made sure he did plenty of cooking and cleaning when he lived in Frimley, just to make me believe that it’s something that would continue, like it would in a normal, healthy and loving relationship, where both partners pull their weight as best they can. Initially, he did indeed spend a lot at the supermarket – he’d make a great show of getting good ingredients from Waitrose, and would keep saying ‘this ought to be good, it was fucking expensive’ – at the same time, he was still receiving items from the local food bank – he had cupboards and bags full of dried and tinned goods and toiletries (he never used the toiletries, if he did he might have smelled better). He did not require food bank handouts – his housing was being paid for, and he was receiving disability benefits, and had saved a few thousand pounds by the time I met him. (Another side note – it’s likely that he’ll pay for something big or important for his new girlfriend or her family, as he did for mine, buying them an expensive Fortnum and Mason hamper for Christmas – how can a man who is on disability benefits afford to do that, exactly? And you can believe that he’ll use that as a noose around her neck later in the relationship – she will owe him, and he’ll decide on the method of reciprocation). Once he moved to Northampton, he stopped doing much shopping – I would frequently ask him to contribute to the food shop, and he rarely would. He’d hover over me in the evenings, expecting me to cook, even after I’d been at work all day, whilst he’d spent all day at home, allegedly working. But I don’t need to cover all of this again, I’ve done that already in multiple posts.


If I went to the shop, he always expected ‘tasty treats’ to be brought back for him – I could have refused, but then he’d no doubt have told me that I was neglecting and abusing him for not buying him his ‘tasty treats’, which were often of the more expensive variety, and I just couldn’t deal with the emotional manipulation. (In the same way that he tortured Adele for not bringing Fois Gras back from France). What tasty treats did he get me? Tiny snack bags of bear shaped Haribo. I hate Haribo. He’d literally never seen me eating any Haribo. He bought them because they were bear shaped. Or he’d get me things that I’d told him I was trying to avoid for health reasons, so he could then say that my desire to eat healthily was too restrictive, or I was being ungrateful – how dare I wish for a supportive partner!

He might well be cooking a lot now, and acting like he likes food – he told me once that he didn’t enjoy eating (pretty sure I’ve posted that text somewhere before, I really can’t be arsed to look for it again now). In time, he’ll stop cooking for his new supply, will stop buying her things. It might not happen for a few months, he needs to keep up the pretense of being a normal human being for a bit longer this time, so he can make sure he gets his feet firmly under the table, and secures a new roof over his head, if he hasn’t moved in already.


Let us revisit his comment about not giving his trolls a second thought – how can he not give them a second thought, yet also be on their tails? Am I meant to be afraid of this statement? What exactly is he going to do? Nothing. He’s going to do nothing. Because he can’t. He can’t intimidate me, I’m not remotely scared of him and what he thinks he can do to me, he ceased to have that power over me the day I gave him his marching orders. I can write a blog about anything I damn well please, using examples of our interactions from the 14 months that we were together to demonstrate exactly what kind of person he is.

On another note, why would the Bear called James require an active dating profile, if he’s so loved up in his new relationship? (this was sent to me by a third party, I do not have an active dating account of any description, as I’m happy to be single and don’t need to be in a relationship. James, on the other hand, literally can’t bear to be alone for more than a couple of weeks before his need for narcissistic supply and requirement for constant adoration kicks in).

Naughty bear!

I’m sure he’ll try and spin a yarn about how he’s on the dating site so that he can take on all the raging feminazis who keep calling him out on his bullshit, or perhaps just in case he comes across a victim who needs his services as an unqualified counsellor. Whatever his story is, I’m sure it will be something he’s already laid the groundwork for with his current supply, because he’s good at forward thinking like that. As he likes to point out, some narcissists are very good at forward planning.

Anyway, enough of that shit. Here’s a picture of the cute hedgehog from my garden.





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