Who is the troll, exactly?

So, he’s gone and done it again. He’s created a new album on his Facebook page just so he can show everyone that’s he’s the Alpha Bear of Abuse. Again, he’s failed to redact the name from the screenshot. Fixed that one for him too. He’s doing this in a desperate attempt to legitimise what he does, to prove to everyone that he’s doing what he does because he’s a good and noble creature, but actually, all I can see is someone who has so far contacted a person to give them a toddleresque ticking off, then when that person actually looks at his page and sees what a crock of shit it is, he declares ‘TROLL” – but he was the one who invited the behaviour! He just has zero insight into how he comes across. Keep your eyes peeled, this post may be updated from time to time.



Author: Tracy

Streaky bacon for the soul. Comforting, sometimes salty. Arty. Obtuse. Taker of photographs. Contradictory.

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