I saw this today and it resonated with me. 

I’ve been reading a lot of Syd Banks lately, and about the Three Principles – it’s been helping me a great deal with my mood, the way I think, and with trusting my intuition. A lovely friend recommended that I read The Enlightened Gardener, and parts of it had me in tears – I recommend it for anyone struggling with themselves, their thought patterns and their mental health. 

One of the main things I’ve taken from the book is regarding the concept of forgiveness. Forgiving others, and forgiving yourself. Without forgiveness there tends to be anger, and hate, which leads to lashing out and stagnation. You owe it to yourself to forgive, to let go, to stop living in the past. The past will keep you tethered there. To move on we must cut the ties, no one ever found true freedom by staying mired in the events that lead you to this point in time. There is only ever now. 


Author: Tracy

Streaky bacon for the soul. Comforting, sometimes salty. Arty. Obtuse. Taker of photographs. Contradictory.

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