How are you?

Hey, how are you?

Not good actually. I’m really struggling to cope, and to process everything that’s happened over the last 15 months. I cried on the way to work this morning, but managed to pull myself together before I arrived, so no-one realised I was feeling low today. I’m suffering from depression and anxiety, and have had suicidal feelings in the last couple of weeks. Sometimes I just sit and stare at the wall, and have hardly any motivation to do anything at home. I found out that my ex has only moved just round the corner from me, so I feel like I need to keep looking over my shoulder when I’m out and about near my house. I’m finding it all really stressful and upsetting, but because I seem ok on the outside, everyone assumes I’m doing ok. Mostly, I am doing ok. Today, I’m not.

I’m fine thanks, how are you?




Author: Tracy

Streaky bacon for the soul. Comforting, sometimes salty. Arty. Obtuse. Taker of photographs. Contradictory.

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